ROI Analysis with LVis

The ROI Analysis in Detail – Mathematics

Gross ROI Counts

Net ROI counts & count rates

Uncertainty of the net area


Relative Uncertainty of the efficiency

Nuclide & method specific calibration factor

Relative uncertainty of the nuclide & method specific calibration factor


Uncertainty of the activity

Critical Level (Detection Threshold)

Detection Limit

Setup of a NaI Detector for ROI Analysis in LVis

Configuring the digiBase with MCB Properties and Maestro

Installing LVis & configuring the Detector

Configuring a new detector in LVis

Defining the QA Settings for a new ROI Detector

Defining ROIs

Calibrating the Detector for ROI Analysis

Defining Calibration Sources

Setting up the energy calibration parameters and performing an energy calibration

Setting up the energy calibration

Performing an energy calibration

Performing a gain stabilization check

Setting up the ROI efficiency calibration parameters

Performing an ROI efficiency calibration

Defining ROI Counting Routines

Initializing ROI Counting Routines

Executing ROI Counting Routines